Who is W. Paul Mills?



Present Job

Instrument Technician for The GoodYear Tire and Rubber Company at their Topeka, Kansas Plant.


Past and Present work experience.

Electronic Technician with wide range of experience since 1967. Including:

Two-Way Radio Systems

Motorola , General Electric, RCA, Standard, Regency, and more...

Broadcast Radio

Collins, RCA, Gates, Ampex, McMartin, Teac ...

Car Audio Systems

Delco, Ford, Jensen and many others.

Telephone Systems

ROLM, Mitel, Stromberg, Western Electric, Erickson, ATT, ITT ...

Computer Systems

IBM, Sperry, Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Texas Instruments, Digital ...


King, Bendix, Narco, Collins...


Reliance, Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Honeywell, Square D, Cuttler-Hammer, Cleveland, SECO, Computer Conversions, and more...


I've outlasted some of the above!


Member of Countryside Christian Church in Topeka, Kansas.


  • Amateur Radio
  • Clawhammer Banjo
  • Computers
  • Computer Programming
  • Photography
  • Fishing
  • *

    Family Life

    Single Parent (Divorced)
    Grown Children - Amanda, Jeremy, Chris, Jon





    Forever Single!

    Women are a waste of time.


    EST 08:03:42 Friday 06 December, 2019

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